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Supporting Conscious Women and Men in creating more abundance in their lives through greater health & deeper connection to their life’s mission and purpose creating more sustainable inner peace, wealth and overall well being.

The Internal Peace Renegades Blueprint Program

Teaching conscious women and men how to become passionate, productive, successful & happy.

In this program, you’ll learn the simple, effective and practical tips for creating more balance, peace and prosperity in your business as well as your life.

In this interactive workshop, I will share with you real-life tools for transforming every area of life including work and personal. I’ll share with you my proven blueprint for lasting success while creating a life you love.

Join me, Regena (Rosa Celeste) on this powerful, life-changing journey to be the Internal Peace Rockstar you always knew you could be. Gain the focus, clarity and clear vision you need, so that you can enjoy Internal Peace again and love your life too!

Learn how to reduce stress in your business and your life. Something we all need!

By creating more inner peace, there is more abundance in the world, more wealth available, and an opportunity to create greater health & deeper connection to each individual’s life mission and purpose creating more sustainable inner peace collectively.

Read real life success stories now to find out what others are saying about working with Regena! 🙌

Changing the Way the World Experiences Peace

Looking forward to having you in there! ❤️

I invite you to a fantastic group that’s ONLY for CONSCIOUS MINDED, HEART-CENTERED, SPIRITUALLY AMBITIOUS INDIVIDUALS. This group is for men & women who feel there is more to life and are ready to claim it! They know joy, passion, purpose & fun make up their DNA & are ready to learn even more ways to create ALL that while living a peaceful & abundant life.

Thru her own journey of transformation and healing, She was once a stressed-out, overwhelmed, unhappy and dissatisfied Realtor.

Now, as an international speaker, best-selling author, and reformed perfectionist, She is commonly known as the Internal Peace Revolutionist and specializes in speaking, coaching, and teaching skills of internal peace to entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, dental professionals, conscious-minded individuals and companies.