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I’m Regena Rosa Celeste, The Internal Peace Revolutionist, and I’m on a mission to change the way the world experiences peace. Are YOU in? Come Join the Internal Peace Revolution NOW!

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About Regena

Thru my own journey of transformation and healing, I was once a stressed out, overwhelmed, unhappy and a dissatisfied Realtor. After 13 years of a successful career, I almost threw in the towel until and let it all go, until I took control of my emotions, and career; realizing that I had the tools to turn it all around. Using mindfulness, yoga, meditation, prayer and soulful alignment, I learned how to integrate these powerful tools for success, in my business and into my life.

Now, as an international speaker, best selling author and recovering perfectionist, I am commonly known as the Internal Peace Revolutionist, specializes in speaking, coaching and teaching skills of internal peace to realtors, investors, and conscious minded entrepreneurs.

Conscious minded men and women hire ME to support them in getting unstuck and out of the quick sand that they feel in their business and personal lives. Knowing that each individual is responsible for their own happiness and fulfillment, I specialize in teaching tools of lasting transformation and helping people create results that stick. Changing the world and how the world experiences peace, with over 50+ tools and techniques, I equip my clients and students to empower themselves for lasting change.

I know that teaching people the tools of inner peace creates world impact and believes that each person is responsible for their own happiness in the world, thus my commitment to helping as many mindset shifts as possible so that we can all live in a state of lasting internal peace.

By creating more inner peace, there is more abundance in the world, more wealth available, and an opportunity to create greater health & deeper connection to each individual’s life mission and purpose creating more sustainable inner peace collectively.