Hey Real Estate Renegade Rockstar! 
Are you tired of feeling out of balance?

Join me for less than 30 mins a day for 5 DAYS and I'll show you how to take control of your business & your life again!

Have less stress, while attracting more happy clients! 

In this 5 Day Challenge, you'll learn simple, effective and very practical tips for creating more balance, peace and prosperity into your real estate business & into your life. 
In less than 30 mins a day, I will share with you real life tools for transforming every area of your life so that you can have a prosperous, joyful business and life. 
Join me, Regena Rosa-Celeste on this 5 Day Journey, to Gain the Peace, Power & Passion you need, so that you can enjoy real estate again and love your life too!

The real estate industry can be a crazy one, yet it doesn't have to be.  Right now you may be wondering when the madness & insanity will ever end.

While the end of the world's craziness may not be in sight, yours can be... let me show you how.  

An Exclusive Invitation to Learn Tools
for Lasting Internal Peace

Join the Journey... Take Control of Your Business & Life

Wondering how we'll do this?
*Thru simple, effective & proven strategies that work in business and in life. 

*By developing a solid, tangible plan that you can access for finding your center, whenever it feels like your experiencing overwhelm, anxiety or stress.

*(Hint: The ancient practices of Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness deliver all this (and so much more!)

Note: Whether you're brand new to Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness or have been practicing for years, this 5 DAY CHALLENGE will be sure to give you new tools for success. 

I didn't think I could do yoga...

I had been wanting to learn Yoga for a long time but wasn't sure how to get started. I felt awkward and clunky. Regena gave me simple ways to get started that built my confidence. Now I LOVE Yoga and feel my whole body has been awakened and even notice that I have a bounce in my step when going up the stairs! Pretty good for a 60 year old! I feel younger now than I did 20 years ago. Thanks Reg!

Nancy Matthews

Speaker, Author, Investor, Foreclosure Specialist, Investor Seminar Leader and Master Business Coach

I've been practicing for years...

Norma Aguirre 

Realtor, Yoga Instructor

Our Roadmap for the 5 Day Challenge:

In 30 minutes a day for these 5 days, you'll learn tools for creating lasting internal peace and learn simple, effective strategies that you can use forever to balance life, work and everything in between. 

You'll get access to exclusive time with me, where I'll teach you proven tools for success and help you leverage your time, and your energy so that you can attract more happy clients, have more balance, peace and passion for your real estate business. 

A community of like minded, powerful, professional realtors & investors just like you, aligning with a common mission and vision. 

You choose when to watch the replay (morning, afternoon or evening) whenever it fits with your schedule.

And ... no replay is more than 30 minutes!
Why? Because you're busy!!! I get it!

Access on your laptop, smart TV,  tablet or phone, internal peace is accessible in the palm of your hand.

You'll be Guided by Regena Throughout Your 5 Days

Inspired classwork
each day you'll receive
so that you can really integrate the tools shared, and keep you supported even after the challenge with simple inspired action Steps. 

Ongoing Support

share your experiences and growth in a private community of like-minded spirited Internal Peace Renegades!


Check in's & additional support opportunities.
You'll be invited to join an exclusive membership community post challenge for continued support so that you can continue living with purpose, passion & peace, in business and in life. 


About Regena Rosa Celeste

Thru her own journey of transformation and healing, Regena was once a stressed out, overwhelmed, unhappy and a dissatisfied Realtor. After 13 years of a successful career, she almost threw in the towel and gave it all up until she took control of her emotions, and her career; realizing that she had the tools to turn it all around. Using mindfulness, yoga, meditation, prayer and soulful alignment, she learned how to integrate these powerful tools for success, in her business and into her life. 

Now, as an international speaker, best selling author and recovering perfectionist, Regena Rosa-Celeste, commonly known as the Internal Peace Revolutionist, specializes in speaking, coaching and teaching skills of internal peace to realtors, investors, and conscious minded entrepreneurs. 

Conscious minded men and women hire her to support them in getting unstuck and out of the quick sand that they feel in their business and personal lives. Knowing that each individual is responsible for their own happiness and fulfillment, Regena specializes in teaching tools of lasting transformation and helping people create results that stick. 

Changing the world and how the world experiences peace, with over 50+ tools and techniques, she equips her clients and students to empower themselves for lasting change. She knows that teaching people the tools of inner peace creates world impact and believes that each person is responsible for their own happiness in the world. 

By creating more inner peace, there is more abundance in the world, more wealth available, and an opportunity to create greater health & deeper connection to each individual’s life mission and purpose creating more sustainable inner peace collectively.

What Others Say About Regena's Impact On Them

Before Yoga sessions with Regena, I was anxious and edgy. After a short session, I felt more centered and less anxious. Thank you Regena.

~ Brad Minus

Regena is an amazing coach. She was able to have me shift my perspective on how I see myself on camera and doing videos. Regena is patient and offers great support.

~ Natalee Clark-Richards

I have just recently started the practice of yoga. Mostly from YouTube videos at home. Then...I got the chance to bring Regena into my home! Her energy is incredible, she has a way with words that soothe while you're stretching and strengthening. I feel so much better even after a short video session. Thank you for bringing your wonderful flow into my home and my life!

~ Sabrina Navarro

An Exclusive Invitation to Learn Tools for
Lasting Internal Peace

Join the Journey... Take Control or Your Business & Life

Join the 5 Day Challenge

Your Investment: $27.00

" Thank you Regena for showing me how to access Internal Peace ... both in my business and in my life, no matter what comes up. My practice of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness equips me to deal with what emerges in my entire life, in a whole new way."
~ Michele, The Reiki Realtor

Here's Everything You'll Receive

5 Days of Magic - Ongoing Support

Inspired Classwork - Each day you'll receive inspired classwork, so that you can really integrate the tools shared, and to help keep you supported, even after the challenge is over, with simple inspired action steps you can implement right away. 

Connections... You're Not Alone!

Without community, we don't grow! Share your experiences and growth in a private community of like-spirited Internal Peace Renegades!


Check In's & additional Support opportunities.
You'll be invited to join an exclusive membership community post challenge for continued support so that you can continue living with purpose, passion & peace, in business and in life. 

Say, "Yes" to Yourself & Lasting Internal Peace Now

Regena Rosa Celeste - The Internal Peace Revolutionist                   Changing the Way the World Experiences Peace, From the Inside Out

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